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Sweet Spices RUBBER DUCKY 

Best Kitten in CFA Show

CFA Show Chatte Noir 5-6 march, Moscow
Саtsburg-2016 exhibition in the commonwealth of CFA+FIFe+TICA+WCF+ASC.
Moscow,Exhibition Center "Сrokus-Expo"

Very very proud.... Sweet Spices Rubber Ducky ...
-Best Kitten CFA Show - CATSBURG-2016 March 5-6, Moscow 
Thanks to all "Chatte Noire Club", for a great show this weekend. Congratulations to all participants and winners.

Very grateful also to all judges and of course Elena, Oxana, and Nikita, etc, and to all breeders & friends who have helped me this weekend, especially with the language, and the last part of the show.

1º Best Kitten AB ... Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium) 
1ºBest Kitten AB ... Yanina Vanwonterghem (Belgium) 
1º Best Kitten AB ... Kenny Currle (USA) 
2º Best Kitten AB .... Janina Melnikova (BLR)
2* Best Kitten AB .... Viktoria Pochavalina (RU)
6º Best Kitten AB .... Anna Nazarova (RU)
A big hug to everyone


44 Gatti Cat Club

Emoticono heart GREAT show in Italy:
Congratulations to "44 Gatti Cat Club" was a fantastic weekend. Truly amazing cats. Even get a Bicolor Persians Division was all a grand final.
I am very happy with the results for RUBBER DUCKY:

1º Best Kitten AB and 1º Best Kitten LH ... Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium)
5th Best Kitten AB ... Pam Delabar (Finland)
6th Best Kitten AB ... Yanina Vanwonterghem (Belgium)

thanks of course to all the judges, and the friends with whom we have shared the weekend.


CFA Catwalk German" (16/17 january)

Fantastic Show " ... Impressive quality in this show.

Great results for our baby "Rubber Ducky":
1ºBest AB Kitten _ Kenny Currle (US)
1ºBest SP Kitten _ Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium) 
4ºBest AB Kitten _ K. lawrence (US)
7ºBest AB _Yanina Vanwonterghem (Belgium)
Thank you very much to the judges and friends. It was a great show.
(Sorry I bothered everyone with my terrible" cold")...See you in Italy Show.
Emoticono heart Sweet Spices RUBBER DUCKY ( fathers- GC Sweet Spices Othello & CH De Shiraz Crishna)

9/10 enero 2016

We are absolutely proud of our "Rubber Ducky" ..... 9 Final on the CFA Show in Sweden this weekend.......
1* Best AB kitten _ Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium) 
1* Best LH Kitten_ Teresa Keiger (USA) 
5* Best AB _Yanina Vanwonterghem (Belgium)
5* Best AB _ Walter Hutzler (USA)
6* Best AB_ Daniel Counasse (Belgium)
8* Best AB_ Michael Schleissner ( Germany)
8* Best AB_ Albert Kurkowski (Poland)
9* Best AB_ Gary Veach (USA) 
10* Best AB_ Pam Delabar (Finland)
Thanks to all judges and their grandmothers Carme Moré and Mayca Cabrera (De Shiraz Cattery), and all the friends who have supported us this weekend .... 
See you in Germany next weekend ....


CFA CFE Madrid 19,29 dic 2015
"V Christmas Show"
Great weekend and a great show in MADRID CFE CFA...
Sweet Spices RUBBER DUCKY in his first exhibition, with just four months, has made 4 finals I'm really happy with the results ... 
5º Best Kitten AB _ Peter Vanwonterghem
4º Best kitten LH _ Peter Vanwonterghem
6º Best Kitten LH _ Yanina Vanwonterghem
9º Best Kitten LH _ Irina Tokamkova
Thanks to all...

NEW grand

Springtime Cat Show 2015 (Germany CFG)




Sweet Spices 4LEAF CLOVER _ 10 months

CFA Club Felino Español / Madrid Feb 21 & 22, 2015

 Judges: Larry Adkison (AB - US), Lorraine Rivard (AB - CA), George Cherrie (AB/SH/LH - NL),
Arie Groenewegen (AB/SH/LH - NL) ,
 Irina Tokmakova (AB - RU), Irina Kharchenko (AB/SH/LH - RU),
Elena Podprugina (G-AB - UA), Lena Gnatkevich (G-AB - UA)

2nd Best Cat AB, 
Best Cat AB CH, 
Best Cat SP LH CH, 
2nd Best Cat AB CH, 
3nd Best Cat AB CH, 
8th Best Cat AB, 
8th Best Cat LH SP, 
9th Best Cat LH SP, 
2nd Best Cat LH SP CH, 
and 2, 3nd Best Cat LH SP CH


2014 World Show CFA

Philadelphia (USA)

Sweet Spices 4Leaf Clover

The World Show is over .... 
Really happy with our results .... My first experience in US !!!! ... 
Clover has achieved :

17° Best Albreed Kitten & 1° Best Breed Bicolor_ John Colilla
11° Best LH Kitten & 1° Best Breed Bicolor _ Brian Moser
4° Best Breed Bicolor _ Ellyn Honey
4° Best Breed Bicolor _ Yakeo Takano




Sweet Spices 4Leaf Clover
CAT´S CAT CFA _Neufchâtel-en-Bray
25/26 oct 2014

Good week end on the French show ... 

1° Best LH Kitten & 2° Best AB Kitten_ Kenny Currle (US - AB/LH/SH),
4° Best AB Kitten_ Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem (BE - AB), 
3° Best LH kitten & 4° Best AB kitten_ Peter Vanwonterghem (BE - AB/LH/SH), 
6° Best AB Kitten _ Jeri Zottoli (US - AB ) 
3° Best LH Kitten _ Richard Maignaut (Guest - FR - LH)
6° Best SP kitten _ Gary Veach (US - AB/LH/SH)...

Thanks to all the judges for their confidence in Clover.


Sweet Spices 4Leaf Clover in
CFA Show Bulgaria _ 6 months.
18/19 oct 2014

3° Best Kitten AB_ John Webster (USA)
4° Best Kitten AB _ Andrew Ustinov (UA) 
5° Best Kitten AB _ Anne Mathis (USA)
6° Best Kitten AB_ Carol Fogarty (USA) 
6° Best Kitten AB _ David Mare (USA) 
9° Best Kitten AB_ George Cherrie (Netherlands)


CFA Fanciers Show Of Finland

Riihimaki - 16-17 august 2014


4 months

5th Best Kitten in the Show 
Best Persian Kitten in Show.
1° Best Kitten AB_ Iris Zinck ( USA )
4° Best Kitten AB _ Arie Groenewegen ( NL ) 
6° Best Kitten AB _ George Cherrie ( NL ) 
6° Best Kitten AB _ Pam Delabar (FIN )
7° Best Kitten AB _ Melanie Morgan ( USA )


Bremen Show German Catwalk Club 

4 months

6th Best Kitten AB _ Jan Stevens (USA) - AB 

8th Best Kitten AB & 3th Best Kitten LH _ Peter Vanwonterghem (BE) - LH/SH/AB 

10 Best Kitten AB & 5 Best Kitten LH _Pam Delabar (FI) – LH/SH/AB 

9th Best Kitten LH _ Mary Auth (USA) - LH/SH/AB


New Grand

CFA Stockholm, Swedish Cat Paws - apr 05 & 06, 2014

GC Sweet Spices Othello ( 9 months )

Othello has been Grand, 9 months, in his first show as an adult.

With only 9 months in its first Show, Sweet Spices Othello has given me one of the greatest joys of my life as a breeder. He has not only got their GC, has also given me one of the best show of my life. Thanks of course to all judges.

Chuck Gradowski _ BEST cat All breed.
Elena Podprugina_ BEST cat All breed.
George Cherrie_ BEST cat All breed.
Elena Gnatkevich_ BEST cat All breed
Peter Vanwonterghem _ 2º BEST cat all breed.
Arie Groenewegen_ 2º BEST cat all breed.
Yanina Vanwonterghem _ 4º BEST cat all breed.

and 7 BEST all breed Champion : 
Chuck Gradowski,
Elena Podprugina,
Elena Gnatkevich,
Peter Vanwonterghem,
Arie Groenewegen,
George Cherrie,
Yanina Vanwonterghem.

And 7 Best Longhair champion, one 3º best all breed a
one 3º best Longhair champion.


FranceCatFancier _ ROUEN CFA,
Nov 09-10,2013

Sweet Spices Othello
( 4 months  )

8th Best kitten AB & Hope Gonano (USA)

2º Division AB  & Pam Delabar

2º Division  AB & Melanie Morgan (USA)

2º Division AB & Marie-Claire Lemaigre (G)


It was a great weekend for us.
We are very pleased with the results of Othello in his first show
with only four months,
in a Division especially strong this weekend.
Also Othello has shown open and playful character, you really love us.
Thanks to the judges, especially  to Hope Gonano (USA), for to trust their qualities.


Sweet Spices Discordia (6 months)

C.CHUNG  10Best Kitten
G.PAQUET  5Best Kitten

I am very happy, it was last minute decision, a last minute replacement.
She was not in condition and is still small, but she has got two finals (5th and 10th),
in a show with exceptional quality.

Congratulations, Cats'n Cats, by a great show. A worthy end of season show.
Congratulations in advance to all RW and NW.


Christmas Show  CFE
Madrid  2012

GC Maradan Acorazado of Sweet Spices

Best Cat AB _ Pam Moser
Best Cat AB _ Gary Veach
3er Best Cat AB _ Yanina Lukashova
5º Best Cat AB_ Brian Moser

Thanks to CFE, especially our President, for their hard work.
A fantastic show with an incredible level.

Midnight Sun Show

Cat  Fanciers of Finland

july 14&15, 2012


( 250 point in 5 ring )

GC Maradan Acorazado of Sweet Spices

This weekend on the exceptional and fun
Show CFF Midnight Sun Masquerade show in Helsinki.

The small Aco (GC Maradan Acorazado of Sweet Spices) has managed its

CH/GC One Show Grand 250 point,

with 9 months and their first show as an adult.

Best Cat AB
_Yanina Lukashova

Best Cat AB_ Irina Kharchenko

Best Cat SpLH_ George Cherrie 

Best Cat SpLH_ Peter Vanwonterghem

5º Best Cat AB_ Chuck Gradowski

6º Best Cat AB_ Rhett Bockman

Im totally happy.
Congratulations to the Finnish club, for a show so fantastic, and thanks of course to Antonio for placing your trust in my.Thanks also to the judges.
I have some beautiful photos of the show, but I think that will be better that a little sleep before you upload them.


Cat-H-Art & Cats'n Cats
Aumale -2 & 3 Juin 2012

Maradan Acorazado of Sweet Spices

Michaël Shleissner 1st Best Kitten
Wayne Trevathan 1st Best Kitten
Peter VanWonterghem 2nd Best Kitten
Dmitri Gubenko 3rd Best Kitten
Guya P. 8th Best Kitten

Congratulations to Cat-H-Art by a very interesting Show,
with the best representation of feline breeds that I never had seen.


Spring Show of the Club Felino Español.
Madrid abril 2012

Best kitten in Show

This weekend, in the fantastic Spring Show of the Club Felino Español, held in Madrid,
my new baby, Maradan Acorazado, has achieved Best Kitten of the show. I am full of emotion and gratitude. 

George cherrie_ 1º Best Kitten
Olga Korotonizina_ 1º Best Kitten
Michael Scheiser_ 1º Best Kitten
Olga Grebneva_ 2º Best Kitten
Kenny Currle_ 2º Best Kitten
Dimytri Gubenko_ 5º Best Kitten
Arie Groenewegen_ 5º Best Kitten
Nancy Dodds_ 6ºBest Kitten

Este fin de semana, en el fantastico Show de Primavera del Club Felino Español, celebrado en Madrid,
mi nuevo bebé, Maradan Acorazado, ha conseguido el Best Kitten. Estoy llena de emocion y de agradecimiento. 



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